Friday, February 25, 2005


From a khutbah given at Masjid Toronto on february 25, 2005
Quick notes:

- A Life Guided by the Almighty - from Atheism to Faith

- A short life, yet touching millions even 40 years after

- Regarded by many different gruoups as their "own" - why? from Civil Rights
Movement to Muslims.

- What is the legacy that he left?

- A troubled youth; impressions left by the brutal murder of his father and his mother's nervous breakdown.

- Life in Prison; heeding the call to the NOI

- His dedication to what he believed in

- Out of Prison and a vanguard for the NOI - Faith, commitment, dedication

- Confronted by a local student - a challenge to expand his horizons of thinking and his free and open mind.

- Leaving the NOI and establishing his own group; his premonitions of being assasinated.

- Meeting with a scholar - the effect of a simple hadith

- Decision to travel to Makkah - a turning point in his life

- Letter from Makkah - evolution in faith. The effects of brotherhood.

- A changed man; a targeted man

- Confronting racism - even in our times

- The fight for Justice.

- A star is extinguished

- Reclaiming Malcolm X


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