Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Unique Historical Journey - Reflections on the Hijra

The Hijra, or migration of the Blessed Prophet and his companions from Makkah to Madina (then Yathrib)was the seminal event that demarcated the Prophet's mission into two distinct phases, leaving an event and a concept for later generations to reflect on, internalize and celebrate.

The Hijra as an event can be described as a response to the command of God for the persecuted Muslims to migrate to a land that was more receptive to their faith; for in Makkah persecution had reached its height culimnating in the banishment of the Prophet and his companions, a social boycott, increased physical abuses and plotting to kill the Messenger of God.

The Messenger, confident of God's care and protection, had resolved to carry on with his mission, despite the persecution in Makkah and the horrific treatment meted out to him at Taif. Like all Prophets before him, he understood the nature of prophethood,rebellion by his people and the necessity of forbearance in the face of such struggles.

But God had a different plan for him, and it materialized in the receptiveness of the people of Yathrib who were introduced to Islam by the noble and young companion, Mus'ab ibn Umair.


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