Tuesday, July 06, 2004


- Series of gift books for:
Mother, daughter, son, husband, wife etc.

- Book on Inspiring Moments in Islamic History
A collection of defining moments in islamic History that move us to tears and to greater resolve in coming closer to the Creator:
- The Revelation
- The martyrdom of Mus'ab
- The death of the Prophet's son Ibraheem
- The visit to Taif and the supplication in the garden
- The migration to Abyssinia and Ja'far's speech to the Negus.
- Aisha's resolve after the scandal
- The Prophet's refusal to bow to Quraysh's offers
- The arrival at Madina
- Summaya's ordeal
- The migration of Umm Salama
- The Oath of Allegiance
- Fatima and Ali's generosity and selflessness
- The Prophet's death and his choice of the hereafter
- The story of Abdullah ibn Abas and his mother Asma
- Mughira's response to the Persian King
- Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqqas and the battle of Qadissiyah
- Saeed ibn Jubayr and Hajjaaj - The Scholar and the Tyrant


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