Wednesday, April 07, 2004

A Message to Muslim Youth

1. Islam is primarily a religion of Mercy. The Prophet was sent as a Mercy to the Universe; and the Mercy of God overcomes His wrath.

2. The obligation to live and preach Islam must be carried out in the best of ways and with wisdom. No one should feel that a Muslim is coercing him to join his faith.

3. The greatest spread of Islam occurred at times of peace, not at times of war.

4. The Treaty of Hudaiybah has shown us that a little compromise on non-essential matters can result in great victories for the Ummah.

5. Good and evil are not equal. The Qur'an enjoins the believer to repel evil with that which is better and in doing so even one's enemy will relent and become his good friend. But it requires patience and a firm resolve.


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