Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I sully the white carpet underground
with my large footprints
as I run to catch the bus
essential link
to my livelihood

my parka wet
with falling snow
moustache frozen
from the extreme cold
hands tucked away
protected by thinsulate gloves

I run, fearful that I will miss
this bus
looking neither here, nor there
I stay focused
intent on my sole purpose
and the world around me
seems not to exist

I barely reach
as the doors closes behind me
shaking off the snowy feathers
from my hood
I reach inside for a token
another essential link for my survival
pull the goves off my hand
deposit the tiny fare
and edge my way along the aisle

Now I must stand all the way
all twenty kilometres or so
The constant stop and go
forces me to hold on
to one of the steel posts
for support

I am amazed
For where I thought I would feel
the coldness of the steel
on this dreary winter day
I felt warmth
and instantly realized
that this little bit of evidence
is enough to tell me
that someone held on
to this post before I came.


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