Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Travesty of Justice

A Travesty of Justice

She sits
In the darkest corner
Of the room
Shadows concealing
Once-beautiful features
Bloodshot eyes
Darting, Fearful
of yet another assault
Crouched, ready to strike again
Defend whatever dignity still resides

Ears inundated
with empty pontificating
Sermons of law and order
Of citizens' rights
And the limits of self-defence
Every Charter, every Code
Turned upside down, inside out
As her inside
Screams for justice
Voice lost in the noise
Of modern life

Fists clenched, knuckles white
Eyes deeply sunken, fixed gaze
Tell a story
go back deep
In the recesses of history
Envy of her time
Every suitor, anticipating
Every compatriot, proud
Now reduced to shadows
Enduring the voices of mischief
The impotence of the good
And the judges of the high courts
Have now closed their books
Gathered their things
As the verdict is returned
Guilty as charged.


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