Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Friend's Death

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today I learnt that a good friemd of mine, Husaam Meshmesha passed away under tragic circumstances in Calgary.

Hussam's young son had strayed onto the frozen lake at a camp retreat, and Hussam, most likely fearing that the ice would break, rushed to pull back his child. He was successful in saving the child's life, but unfortunately he himslef fell into the frozen lake and did not survive.

I learnt about this incident two weeks after the fact, and only by a chhance opening of a CAIR-CAN e-mail. I was understandably shocked when I recognized his name.

I remember another incident, more than twenty years ago, in Guyana when we were out picnicking on the Linden Highway with the GIT-Georgetown Branch. One of my close friends, Haseeb, then only 19, drowned. He had left his bag with me to keep as he went swimming in the lake.

His sister Zam, and Auntie Nesha were visibly troubled when no one could locate him, and after several tries a diver brought up his body from the lake. It was one of the worst experiences for me.

May Allah grant them both Jannah and envelop them with his Mercy.



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